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How to Enchant Items in Minecraft 1.8

How to Enchant Items

Enchanting weapons and armor gives players a greater edge over mobs and other players, while enchanting tools helps players get work done with more speed and efficiency. The upcoming Minecraft update has made getting enchantments even easier, though the basic process of enchanting hasn’t changed.

1. Craft an Enchantment Table

The enchantment table allows players to spend experience points to enchant tools, weapons, armor or books. An enchantment table alone will only offer enchantments up to level 8. Surrounding an enchantment table with 15 bookshelves (with a block of air in between) will increase the level of enchantments available to level 30. To craft an enchantment table, you will need obsidian blocks and diamond.

Previously, it only cost experience points and levels to use an enchantment table; in the snapshots leading up to Minecraft 1.8, lapis lazuli is now required. Lapis lazuli is mined from lapis lazuli ore and was once only useful for making blue dye and decorative lapis lazuli blocks. The player will need to place either one, two or three lapis lazuli in the enchantment table in order to enchant their items.

2. Gather Experience Levels

Experience levels are earned by gaining experience orbs, and experience orbs are earned by killing mobs, mining, breeding animals, fishing and using furnaces. As of the latest snapshots, experience can also be earned by trading with villagers, potentially encouraging players to use their services more. However, the update also requires more experience orbs to level up following the revamp of the enchanting system.

The tradeoff in the new enchanting system is that it only costs 1 to 3 levels of experience per enchantment! While players still need the minimum levels displayed on the enchantment table, this saves both time and experience levels. By hovering their cursor over one of the enchantments listed, players recieve a clue as to what the end result could be, such as Efficiency I . . . ? or Protection I . . . ?. The level cost and lapis lazuli required are also shown.

3. Enchant Weapons or Armor

Once you have enough levels, experience levels and lapis lazuli, it’s time to enchant your weapons, tools and armor! There are a number of enchantments available depending on the player’s total experience levels and number of bookshelves surrounding the enchantment table. The enchantments themselves haven’t changed with the latest snapshots, and have the same effects that they always have.

The big change here regarding enchantments within the enchantment table is availability; in the new enchanting system, it is impossible to change the enchantments available by removing and replacing the armor, tool or weapon in the enchantment table. You are stuck with the same three enchantments for each item type until you use them.

For example, if the enchantment table offers you Efficiency I, Fortune I or Silk Touch to enchant your diamond pickaxe, you need to use all of these enchantments to get access to new ones. These will be your only options for other tools as well. If you are stuck, you can always enchant a book and save the enchantment for later!

4. Combine Items in an Anvil

An anvil is a block in Minecraft with an item repair interface, making it possible to repair items, rename them and combine enchantments between two items of the same type. Items can be repaired on an anvil by combining the damaged armor, weapon or tool with like materials (i.e. iron ingots with an iron sword) or by combining two items of the same type. If both items are enchanted, the repaired item will adopt the enchantments of both items.

If the player has an enchanted book from the enchantment table, they can combine it with a weapon, tool or piece of armor to enchant it that way. Keep in mind that you cannot apply Power I to a piece of armor, or Feather Falling to a weapon or tool. The enchantment must still match the appropriate item in the anvil.

As of the latest snapshots, renaming items in the anvil now only costs 1 level. Furthermore, repairing costs only range from 2 to 5 levels per enchantment on each item, with a maximum of a 13 level cost. This lower cost balances out with the increased difficulty of earning experience levels and makes naming items much easier to accomplish.

In the end, the upcoming changes to enchanting are major improvements to the older system. Not only does it provide a new use for lapis lazuli, but the new enchanting system makes it easier for all players to enchant more items for less experience levels. Who can say no to more affordable enchantments and repairs?

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Basic Server Etiquette When Playing Minecraft

What is Server Etiquette?

Minecraft servers are a great alternative for players who are bored of playing solo or want to enjoy the game with friends. Players can join online servers by searching on your local network (if you are running one locally), direct connecting to a server or adding a server address manually. It isn’t the act of joining a server that is difficult; a search of “minecraft servers” will bring up pages dedicated to the best multiplayer Minecraft servers.

The problem is that many players don’t follow server etiquette. “Etiquette” is defined as proper behavior, like showing table manners at dinner or behaving politely around family friends. Server etiquette envelopes everything that is expected of players, from rules to social behavior and respecting others. While it may seem like common sense, server etiquette is not always followed by other players. The following steps will teach you etiquette, and help you avoid bans.

1. Follow the Server Rules

It’s always a good idea to read the rules before joining someone else’s server. Many larger servers have the rules posted on their webpage, or in a community forum. If you don’t see any rules, try asking other players when you join the server. Even if the server doesn’t have any official rules, the act of asking itself shows that you are respectful of others. For example, a survival server may have a rule against stealing from other players, while a PVP server might not.

2. Be Friendly and Polite

You don’t have to be best friends with every player on the server, but it doesn’t hurt to say hello once you join and log on. Who knows, you might even make some new friends! Make it a point to respond to other players when they talk to you, or ask you a question (even if you can’t help them). People are much more inclined to be nice to someone who is friendly towards them. Who would you trust more, a player who is kind and familiar, or a player who is rude and doesn’t talk at all?

3. Respect Personal Property

When you invite your friends over your house to hang out, you probably expect them to stay out of your closets and not steal your belongings. On servers where players have their own land and homes, it is rude to steal items from their chests or destroy their personal property. On many servers, this behavior is a one-way ticket to getting banned. Some Minecraft servers even have anti-griefing mods (such as AntiCheat and Factions) to detect malicious behavior. So focus your energy into building your own home instead of destroying someone else’s.

4. Watch What You Type

As well as being polite when chatting with other players, you should also watch exactly what (and how) you type. While servers can use mods like SuperCensor to block cuss words, that doesn’t mean you should type it anyway. In some cases, disrespectful language is a bannable offense. Typing entirely in CAPS and spamming player chat can also get you into trouble. You can still talk to your friends, but avoid foul language, griefing, and giant walls of text. Be sensible.

5. Don’t Grief Other Players

Griefing is deliberately bothering other players through various methods in the game. On a Minecraft server, this can be anything from destroying blocks to building offensive structures (depicting nudity or foul language, for example), spamming chat, and spawn killing. If any of your actions on a server result in the torment of another player, then you are participating in griefing. While rules vary from server to server, griefing is widely frowned upon by most Minecraft players.

6. Don’t Beg or Make Demands

It happens in every online game: new players whisper veterans with requests for gold, food or gear. There is nothing wrong with asking for some help on a server, but you have no right to spam your requests or make demands of other players. The worst thing to do is start begging for items from other players, even if they have a lot – Player A is not required to share their five stacks of diamonds with you. Chances are that players will start ignoring you. Playing online isn’t very fun when no one else wants to play with you.

Following server etiquette isn’t required, but it is expected. Try putting yourself in another player’s place: would you want to play a game with someone who was rude, spammed chat with requests for items and complaints, and destroyed your personal structures because they felt like it? You can still enjoy your Minecraft server experience, but let other players (and moderators) enjoy theirs as well!

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How to Set Up a Bukkit Minecraft Server on Linux and Mac

Although the Windows platform dominates the personal computer market, some users prefer using alternatives in running their Minecraft servers. As such, the custom Minecraft server known as Bukkit is not only compatible with Microsoft’s operating system; it can be also set up in Linux distros and the Mac OS X. This tutorial will teach you how to install a Minecraft Bukkit server on these other OSs.


As I’ve mentioned in my Bukkit setup guide for Windows, running a server requires some technical background on computers and networking. There’s also the misconception that Linux (and probably Mac, too) is harder to use than Windows, but it’s actually just a matter of getting used to the differences. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the network configurations and user interfaces of Linux and/or Mac OS X, you should be able to start running your very own Minecraft server without a hitch.

How to Set Up a Bukkit Minecraft Server on Linux

1. Download a CraftBukkit build of your choice: recommended, beta, or development.
2. Transfer the downloaded .jar file in a folder. For instance, ~/craftbukkit
3. Open the terminal and navigate to your folder directory, i.e., cd ~/craftbukkit
4. Create a new file in the folder and save it as
5. Edit the file so that it has the following lines:

BINDIR=$(dirname "$(readlink -fn "$0")")
cd "$BINDIR"
java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true

6. Convert into an executable file. You can do this by entering chmod +x ~/craftbukkit/ in the terminal or by modifying the file’s properties.
7. Launch the server via the terminal by inputting ~/craftbukkit/
8. To terminate the server, input stop in the console.

You can make use of init scripts to run the server on a more permanent basis.

How to Set Up a Bukkit Minecraft Server on Mac

1. Determine if Java is installed in your system. If missing, grab the latest Java package for Mac at this Apple support page.
2. Download the server file.
3. Create a new folder named CraftBukkit where you’ll transfer the server file from the Downloads folder.
4. Create a script for launching the server. This can be done by using the TextEdit app in plain text mode/format and typing the following:

cd "$( dirname "$0" )"
java -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar -o true

5. Save the file as start_server.command in the folder you previously created.
6. To run the script, open
8. Type chmod a+x (don’t press the return key just yet), drag start_server.command into the, and now press the return key.
9. Once all the steps above have been performed, you can now launch the server by simply double-clicking the start_server.command.

  • Launching the server for the first time will lead to automatic creation of configuration files. This is normal.
  • If you must terminate the server, don’t do so by closing the window lest you risk corrupting your save files. Input stop in the console instead.

Why Linux (and/or Mac) beats Windows in running a Minecraft server

Even though Windows is the most popular desktop platform, you don’t have to stick with it when running a Minecraft server. In fact, Linux and/or Mac have a number of reasons as to why they’re the better choice for running your server. For one, Linux systems tend to be more stable than other systems, so much so that users don’t experience any crashes for days. In terms of security, Linux and Mac also win since Windows is the often the target of malicious software.

How to Set Up a Bukkit Minecraft Server on Windows

Setting up your own Minecraft server using the Bukkit platform is a relatively easy and quite rewarding activity. This guide will teach you step by step on how to get your very own minecraft bukkit server up and running on a Windows computer.


Before you proceed to the proper tutorial below, do note that setting up a Minecraft server requires some general know-how in computer networking. You must be familiar with things like IP addresses, DHCP, ports, and others. You must also be learned about configuring your computer’s and router’s network configurations, whether you want people to connect on a local network or over the Internet.

You can learn more about Bukkit in our server overview post.

How to Set Up a Bukkit Minecraft Server on Windows

1. Grab the latest recommended build of CraftBukkit at the official repository. (Other builds–beta and development–are also available, but doesn’t not come with the same level of stability that recommended builds have.)
2. Choose a directory in Windows where you’d like to run the server and place the downloaded .jar file there.
3. Type the following into a text file (using any text editor like Notepad):

java –Xmx1024M –jar craftbukkit.jar –o true

(Note: The .jar file name in the script above must exactly match what you downloaded.)

4. Save the text file as “run.bat” into your server directory.

(Optional: If the saved file ends with .txt extension, edit/rename it so it has .bat instead.)

5. Double-click run.bat to execute it.
6. Your server is now up and running. When you want to stop it properly, simply input the stop command in the console.

If you receive an error relating to Java not being recognized as an internal/external command, try reinstalling Java. If the error still persists, try adding Java to your computer’s system path. Instructions for setting path on Windows can be found at the Java official website.

Other Notes

When running the server for the first time, you’ll notice some error messages in the console, stating that the system has failed to find certain files. This is normal, and the server will create the files for you automatically in your server directory.

Remember to allow the server to pass through your firewall software. You and other players won’t be able to connect if it’s blocked.

Bukkit is a standalone server and doesn’t require downloading the default Minecraft server that developer Mojang freely distributes. Errors may arise when both servers are run simultaneously on the same computer.

Bukkit: Minecraft Server Platform Overview

Playing Minecraft with fellow human gamers is made possible through player-hosted minecraft servers. Some prefer running their own servers to have absolute control on how things are managed, but setting up one can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of server platforms that provide a convenient way to create and run a server. For this post, I’ll make an overview of one of the more popular options—Bukkit.


What is Bukkit?

Bukkit is a custom Minecraft server that aims to simplify setup and management as well as increasing flexibility by introducing its own set of plugins. It is broken into two components: CraftBukkit, which is basically the Bukkit server executable that users utilize to run their servers, and Bukkit itself, which is the application programming interface (API) that defines all features and plugins users can implement to the former.

Why should I choose Bukkit?

Bukkit provides ease in updating your server, adding/removing plugins, and faster performance by letting you choose which features you only want. Bukkit provides flexibility to the extent that developers are able to churn out feature-rich plugins that wouldn’t be normally possible in other server mods or in the official Minecraft server.

Where can I download Bukkit?

The CraftBukkit repository is located at It is best to download the recommended build for your server. Beta builds and alternate versions are also available, but they usually compromise system stability and performance for having the latest and experimental features.

How can I customize Bukkit?

Just like how Minecraft can be modified to your liking via mods, Bukkit has devoted community developers who’ve come up with a variety of plugins that users can employ for their servers. Installing most Bukkit plugins is as simple as adding them to a specific directory/folder.

Other Notes

Bukkit is its own standalone server, meaning you no longer have to use the official Minecraft server when you opt for this custom server mod. Those who want to transition from the official to Bukkit can import their data files to keep playing on their existing Minecraft world.

7 Things to Do in Minecraft

As many veteran players will tell you, Minecraft is an open world game with no particular objectives to accomplish. That aspect of the game has its ups and downs, with one of the latter being that players are often “lost” and just don’t know what to do. Such level of freedom in the virtual world of Minecraft can be daunting to those who like to play games with specific goals. But fret not—here’s a list of things you can do in Minecraft.

Survive your first day

I won’t go so far as to describe every detail a beginner must know to survive his first day on Minecraft (because that’s for another post to tell). To put it short and sweet, players must prepare for the arrival of monsters come nightfall. They can do this by collecting resources to build their own home. Alternatively, they can explore the land and look for villages as their first refuge.

Defeat the big bosses

Minecraft Ender Dragon

If you’re up to the challenge, Minecraft’s survival mode has a proper ending by defeating what’s known as the main antagonist of the game, the Ender Dragon. Prerequisite equipment includes a bow, a sword, and a sturdy set of armor. Potions and enchantments also help.

The second (and optional) boss is the Wither. It has more health that the Ender Dragon and does a lot of damage.

Earn achievements

Minecraft achievements

Though players are not forced to follow and complete them, achievements exist in Minecraft. They range from tasks that are as simple as opening your inventory and getting your first wood to complicated ones like discovering all biomes and flying a pig off a cliff.

Build a majestic structure


As the official Minecraft website aptly puts it, the game is about breaking and placing blocks. You can be an in-game architect yourself and build with your own design. Start out simple by building your first 3-by-3 home to get the gist and feel of it, then gradually move your way up to castles, bathhouses, and replications of famous, real-world landmarks. Is building structures while trying to survive too much of a hassle? No worries! Just create a new world under creative mode to get rid of those pesky nocturnal monsters.

Become a griefer

This could have you kicked and/or banned from Minecraft multiplayer servers, but playing as a griefer is fun in its own ill-mannered way. From time to time, play as the bad guy and wreak havoc around you. Feed on the despair of hardworking players by destroying what they’ve painstakingly built. Let out your inner arsonist and set everything on fire!

Install a mod

You can only do so much with the original/vanilla Minecraft. Installing a mod, on the other hand, introduces more things to do in the game. Do you want your world to look more beautiful? Do you want more animals beyond the usual cows, chickens, and pigs? Do you want to battle the Wither while riding the Elder Dragon? These are all possible with mods.

Reach the end of the world (of Minecraft)

For the record, no one has ever reached the end of the world in the game—the Far Lands—without the use of cheats. But this particular goal isn’t really about the destination, which itself is nothing but just a warped and disintegrated version of the game’s normal universe. It’s about the experiences in your travel and the sights to behold.

More things to do in Minecraft

  • Play survival of the fittest a la the Hunger Games with your friends. Make sure no one uses cheats though!
  • Use your engineering skills and create a working calculator or other electric circuits. This is quite possible using the game’s redstone item.
  • Defeat creepers with a pork chop as your sole weapon.
  • Establish a city underground or in the skies.
  • Create your own mod!
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