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Host The Game, Inc is registered Under the Laws of California, United States of America and is the fastest growing Minecraft Hosting company in the world. We do not compromise on quality of hardware, network, or staff. We know each and every aspect of the game hosting industry and can assure our clients hassle free hosting with data protection, highly optimized custom hardware configuration for smooth gaming, and more!

Our west side core datacenter is located at the heart of Downtown Los Angeles directly connected to One Wilshire which is one of the biggest network access points in the world. The facility itself is secured, properly cooled and staffed 24/7/365.

We own every piece of hardware we use, this allows us to keep our profit margins and give our members superior hosting at an affordable price. Why go through third parties when you can come straight to the source? Host The Game is the hub for the best in class customer support, server performance and network stability for Minecraft Hosting.

Host The Game was founded by gamers, for gamers. Our core research and development team consist of fresh minds ready to take on all the technical challenges of hosting demanding applications. The result is a gaming experience like no other. Overselling and cutting corners is not acceptable for our overall goal of providing the very best platform for your gaming needs.

Want to see it in action? Checkout our Minecraft Testing Servers here:

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