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Converting Minecraft Texture Packs into Resource Packs

What Are Resource Packs?

Resource packs are the replacement for texture packs as of Minecraft update 1.6. While texture packs only allowed players to customize the textures of mobs and blocks in Minecraft, resource packs take it a step further; with resource packs, players can customize textures, sounds, music, end credits, fonts and more with no extra coding required. As a result, the latest Minecraft is no longer compatible with texture packs.

But don’t worry! Most active texture pack developers have kept up with the change and moved on to resource packs. If your favorite texture pack isn’t as popular or is a custom pack from a custom map, you can always convert it into a resource pack. Mojang has provided players with a free program called Minecraft Texture Ender to combat this potential problem.

How to Convert Texture Packs

Minecraft Texture Ender allows players to convert Minecraft 1.5-compatible texture packs into resource packs. These versions of texture packs are referred to as “unstitched” and are the only packs compatible with Minecraft Texture Ender. Pre-Minecraft 1.5 texture packs are considered “stitched” texture packs and need to be unstitched before being converted. Mojang has a free program called Unstitcher for this purpose.

Select Texture Pack

Running Minecraft Texture Ender will prompt you to select a texture pack to convert.

1. Download Minecraft Texture Ender

You can download Minecraft Texture Ender (and Unstitcher) from the Minecraft Gamepedia webpage here. Check your default browser downloads folder for the .jar file. Once it’s downloaded, you can run it right away – there is no installation required. Simply double-click on the application to run it and begin converting!

Texture Pack Converted

The conversion process is quick and took only a few seconds to complete!

2. Select a Texture Pack to Convert

Once you run Minecraft Texture Ender, you will be prompted to select a texture pack to convert. Make sure that your texture pack is located in it’s own folder and is easy to find! Once you’ve selected the texture pack folder, select a folder to place the resource pack in (or create a new one).Then click “convert” and watch the magic happen in less than a minute.

If you are using Unstitcher to unstitch and convert a pre-1.5 Minecraft texture pack, the process is the same: run the program, select the folder where the texture pack is located, and click “convert”. If you don’t unstitch older texture packs before converting them into resource packs, they will not function properly.

Resource Pack Menu

You can select multiple resource packs and prioritize them from top to bottom.

3. Load the Resource Pack in Minecraft

To access the resource pack folder in Minecraft, start up the game launcher and click “Play”. At the main menu, select “Options” and then click “Resource Packs”. Here you can open the resource pack folder and place your converted pack there. In the Resource Packs menu, click on the pack to move it to “Selected Resource Packs” and select “Done”. That’s all you have to do!

Faithful Resource Pack

This is the Faithful 1.5 texture pack after being converted into a resource pack.

4. Have Fun Playing With Resource Packs

You can play Minecraft with one specific resource pack, or multiple. By enabling several resource packs and organizing them from top to bottom, you can prioritize one over the other. If one resource pack is visually stunning but is missing newer textures, you can place another pack below it in the menu to fill in the blanks. The default resource pack is always included at the bottom of the list.

So don’t feel like you need to leave your favorite texture pack behind! Between Unstitcher and Minecraft Texture Ender, you can enjoy old, custom texture packs in the latest versions of Minecraft. Whether it’s for playing old custom adventure maps or reliving the days of your retired texture pack, these programs are a great free resource in the Minecraft community.

Converting Minecraft Texture Packs into Resource Packs
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Converting Minecraft Texture Packs into Resource Packs
With every new version of Minecraft we get new exciting updates, so resources pack are an amazing replacement for Minecraft Texture Pack for version 1.6.0 or above.

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