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How to Enchant Items in Minecraft 1.8

How to Enchant Items

Enchanting weapons and armor gives players a greater edge over mobs and other players, while enchanting tools helps players get work done with more speed and efficiency. The upcoming Minecraft update has made getting enchantments even easier, though the basic process of enchanting hasn’t changed.

Enchantment Table Recipe

Crafting an enchantment table requires four obsidian blocks and two diamonds.

1. Craft an Enchantment Table

The enchantment table allows players to spend experience points to enchant tools, weapons, armor or books. An enchantment table alone will only offer enchantments up to level 8. Surrounding an enchantment table with 15 bookshelves (with a block of air in between) will increase the level of enchantments available to level 30. To craft an enchantment table, you will need obsidian blocks and diamond.

Previously, it only cost experience points and levels to use an enchantment table; in the snapshots leading up to Minecraft 1.8, lapis lazuli is now required. Lapis lazuli is mined from lapis lazuli ore and was once only useful for making blue dye and decorative lapis lazuli blocks. The player will need to place either one, two or three lapis lazuli in the enchantment table in order to enchant their items.

2. Gather Experience Levels

Experience levels are earned by gaining experience orbs, and experience orbs are earned by killing mobs, mining, breeding animals, fishing and using furnaces. As of the latest snapshots, experience can also be earned by trading with villagers, potentially encouraging players to use their services more. However, the update also requires more experience orbs to level up following the revamp of the enchanting system.


The new interface shows three available enchantments and their individual costs.

The tradeoff in the new enchanting system is that it only costs 1 to 3 levels of experience per enchantment! While players still need the minimum levels displayed on the enchantment table, this saves both time and experience levels. By hovering their cursor over one of the enchantments listed, players recieve a clue as to what the end result could be, such as Efficiency I . . . ? or Protection I . . . ?. The level cost and lapis lazuli required are also shown.

3. Enchant Weapons or Armor

Once you have enough levels, experience levels and lapis lazuli, it’s time to enchant your weapons, tools and armor! There are a number of enchantments available depending on the player’s total experience levels and number of bookshelves surrounding the enchantment table. The enchantments themselves haven’t changed with the latest snapshots, and have the same effects that they always have.

Enchanting Book

The three available enchantments need to be spent before new ones are available.

The big change here regarding enchantments within the enchantment table is availability; in the new enchanting system, it is impossible to change the enchantments available by removing and replacing the armor, tool or weapon in the enchantment table. You are stuck with the same three enchantments for each item type until you use them.

For example, if the enchantment table offers you Efficiency I, Fortune I or Silk Touch to enchant your diamond pickaxe, you need to use all of these enchantments to get access to new ones. These will be your only options for other tools as well. If you are stuck, you can always enchant a book and save the enchantment for later!

Anvil Recipe

An anvil can be used to both repair items and combine their enchantments together!

4. Combine Items in an Anvil

An anvil is a block in Minecraft with an item repair interface, making it possible to repair items, rename them and combine enchantments between two items of the same type. Items can be repaired on an anvil by combining the damaged armor, weapon or tool with like materials (i.e. iron ingots with an iron sword) or by combining two items of the same type. If both items are enchanted, the repaired item will adopt the enchantments of both items.

Anvil Enchanting

Combining an item and an enchanted book in an anvil will enchant the item at a low cost.

If the player has an enchanted book from the enchantment table, they can combine it with a weapon, tool or piece of armor to enchant it that way. Keep in mind that you cannot apply Power I to a piece of armor, or Feather Falling to a weapon or tool. The enchantment must still match the appropriate item in the anvil.

Anvil Naming

Renaming items costs 1 level and can no longer be used to keep repair costs down.

As of the latest snapshots, renaming items in the anvil now only costs 1 level. Furthermore, repairing costs only range from 2 to 5 levels per enchantment on each item, with a maximum of a 13 level cost. This lower cost balances out with the increased difficulty of earning experience levels and makes naming items much easier to accomplish.

In the end, the upcoming changes to enchanting are major improvements to the older system. Not only does it provide a new use for lapis lazuli, but the new enchanting system makes it easier for all players to enchant more items for less experience levels. Who can say no to more affordable enchantments and repairs?

How to Enchant Items in Minecraft 1.8
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How to Enchant Items in Minecraft 1.8
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