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How To Make A Minecraft Server

How To Make A Minecraft Server – Local Server Version

A local Minecraft server is one which is not hosted and played over the internet, but within a Local Area Network (LAN). It is ideal for playing with family at home, friends in the same locality or even colleagues at the place of work.

The very first step in setting your local Minecraft server is choosing the machine on which to host it. The server can be hosted on a dedicated machine or just one of the computers that is used for other normal functions, like your own personal computer.

After choosing the computer to host server on, ensure you have the latest java software installed on it. But this does not need to worry you much, anyway. During downloading and installation, you will be prompted to download the java, if it is not already installed.

With the preliminaries done, open the web browser on the machine intended to host the Minecraft and go to the Minecraft official website, which is

If you already do not have an account with Minecraft, go ahead and Signup. If you do have an account, just sign in.

how to download minecraft

Just below the BUY NOW! Link on the home page, is a download button. Click on the link and it will take you to the download page. Here you have several download options.

Among them is the download button for Minecraft for Windows. This is not what you are looking for, if you want to play with several people.  Therefore, you choose the Multiplayer version and click on the minecraft_server.1.7.2.exe file, if you are running on Windows. For other operating systems, read the wiki provided for guidance.

how to download minecraft server

Download and save the set up file on your desktop. Go ahead and create a folder for it that will hold all the files that the Minecraft will create during the installing process.

Click the set up files to run it for installation. This will take some time. When the process is over, your Minecraft server is set, safe for a few settings.

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How To Make A Minecraft Server

Add yourself as a moderator and add others as moderators, if necessary. The server should always be running when needed for use. If you close it everyone is stopped from playing.

After the server is set, login through the Minecraft icon. Click on the Multiplayer icon. Under server address type ‘localhost’ or and click done.

With the server set, you will need to give those within your local area network the IP address of the server in order for them to join you for the game. This IP address is the same as the internal IP address of the computer on which the server is hosted.

minecraft server setup

 To get the IP address, go to start on the computer and type cmd, to go to command prompt. On the command prompt, type in IPconfig. Out of the data that is displayed, write down the IPv4……… address and share it to your friends. It is this address that they will use to access the Minecraft server on your computer.

The shortcoming of this server is that is available only as much as the main moderator allows it. This makes it unreliable to the other players. Moreover, the main moderator has advantage over other players since he or she can put favorable game settings for himself or herself.

However, the Minecraft local server provides a handy way of playing a Minecraft within a Local Area Network.

If you’re still having trouble with the settings then leave a comment and we would be happy to help you out.

How To Make A Minecraft Server - Host The Game
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Today will look at How To Make A Minecraft Server and set them up locally on your Windows Computer.

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