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How to Run a Feed the Beast Server in Minecraft

What is Feed The Beast?

Feed the Beast (abbreviated as FTB) began as a custom challenge map in Minecraft similar to Skyblock that made use of several mods. As it grew more popular, the Feed the Beast team created a launcher to make the mods easier to download and be enjoyed by other players. Today, the launcher contains over 20 modpacks for Minecraft players to download of various sizes and themes. A valid copy of Minecraft is required to access the FTB launcher.

Server Control Panel

The Multicraft server control panel allows the owner to edit files and other server properties.

How to Start a Hosted Server

With Minecraft server hosting companies, players can pay a recurring monthly subscription to have their own server that is up and running 24/7. Your computer’s memory is free to run the FTB modpack, resulting in less game lag. You can access your server from any computer as long as you have the server’s IP address, Minecraft and the FTB launcher installed. To top it off, an average Minecraft server costs less than most monthly game subscriptions!

Launcher Server Download

Most modpacks in the Feed the Beast launcher have a “Download Server” button available.

1. Download the Modpack Server Files

More popular Feed the Beast modpacks (such as Direwolf20, Unleashed and Mindcrack) have server files. Once you have chosen an applicable modpack, you can download the server files listed on the Feed The Beast website; however, it is easier to get the files from the FTB launcher. To access modpack server files from the game launcher:

  • Start the FTB launcher

  • Download the FTB modpack

  • Download the server files

You will need both the modpack and the server files downloaded to your computer to complete the next step. Make sure that you match the version of your modpack to the version of the server files. For example, if you are running a Direwolf20 v1.6 server, play with the v1.6 modpack of Direwolf20.

FileZilla Menu

FileZilla Client allows access to hosted server files by logging into your server with the IP address.

2. Access Your Server With FileZilla

Since your server is being hosted online, you will need to access the files remotely and upload the modpack to your server location. FileZilla Client is a program that allows users to access server files via File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) and change them accordingly. This is the best way to access your server. Make sure to download FileZilla Client, not FileZilla Server:

  • Visit the FileZilla homepage

  • Download the FileZilla Client

  • Install the FileZilla Client

FileZilla Client is free to download and use, making it a simple solution to uploading your FTB server. The process of transferring files with FileZilla isn’t too complicated, and makes it easy to access your Minecraft server anytime and anywhere. For a visual understanding of FileZilla, check out our video on how to use it to access your Minecraft server files.

FileZilla Files

Once logged into FileZilla, it is easy to transfer files, edit files and backup your server files.

3. Upload Files to Your Server Location

With FileZilla, you can access your server at any time as long as you have your server’s IP address, your username and your password. All of this information can be found in the Multicraft Control Panel. Multicraft is used on most Minecraft servers to make accessing and modifying your server simple. To upload your FTB server files with FileZilla:

  • Start up FileZilla Client

  • Login to Multicraft

  • Find the server’s IP address

  • Enter username and password

  • Click on “connect”

You can either upload the FTB server files by browsing the files in the left window of FileZilla (on your computer), or by clicking and dragging the server files into the right window. From this point, you can either start a new world, or upload a specific world seed to play with your FTB modpack. Just copy the world files into the “save” folder of your FTB server files.

FTB Server Join

Log into your FTB server by selecting “Multiplayer” and :Add Server” by entering your IP address.

4. Rename the .JAR File and Restart

Within the Multicraft Control Panel on your Minecraft server’s homepage, there should be the option to rename the server’s .JAR file. The .JAR file is essentially what runs your Minecraft server. Depending on what modpack you are using, the file may have different names, such as FTBserver.JAR. To find your .JAR server file:

  • Open the server files folder

  • Locate the FTB .JAR file

  • Edit the .JAR file name in Multicraft

As long as the name of the .JAR file matches the name in the Multicraft Control Panel, your server will load up properly. There should be no need to physically rename the .JAR file yourself, and doing so could stop the server script from running correctly. Once you have matched up the file names, restart the server and prepare to play Feed the Beast!

How to Start a Personal Server

If you don’t want to pay to host your FTB server online, you can always run the server from your own computer. There are downsides to running a personal server; this option is more resource-intensive, and the computer needs to remain on to run the server. This isn’t ideal for people who play Minecraft with other players and want the server to be available 24/7.

Running your own server is done similarly to having a server hosted online: you need to download the FTB launcher, the FTB modpack, and the corresponding server files. However, you also need to create a folder to extract your server files into. You can learn more about running your own server in our blog posts about how to make a Minecraft server and how to setup a Bukkit Minecraft server.

Once everything is set up, a Feed the Beast server is fun to play both alone and with friends. With the right mods, you can become a powerful magician, an experienced engineer, an astronaut and so much more!

How to Run a Feed the Beast Server in Minecraft
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How to Run a Feed the Beast Server in Minecraft
Feed the Beast (abbreviated as FTB) began as a custom challenge map in Minecraft similar to Skyblock that made use of several mods. As it grew more popular, the Feed the Beast team created a launcher to make the mods easier to download and be enjoyed by other players.

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