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How to Run a Feed the Beast Server in Minecraft

What is Feed The Beast?

Feed the Beast (abbreviated as FTB) began as a custom challenge map in Minecraft similar to Skyblock that made use of several mods. As it grew more popular, the Feed the Beast team created a launcher to make the mods easier to download and be enjoyed by other players. Today, the launcher contains over 20 modpacks for Minecraft players to download of various sizes and themes. A valid copy of Minecraft is required to access the FTB launcher.

How to Start a Hosted Server

With Minecraft server hosting companies, players can pay a recurring monthly subscription to have their own server that is up and running 24/7. Your computer’s memory is free to run the FTB modpack, resulting in less game lag. You can access your server from any computer as long as you have the server’s IP address, Minecraft and the FTB launcher installed. To top it off, an average Minecraft server costs less than most monthly game subscriptions!

1. Download the Modpack Server Files

More popular Feed the Beast modpacks (such as Direwolf20, Unleashed and Mindcrack) have server files. Once you have chosen an applicable modpack, you can download the server files listed on the Feed The Beast website; however, it is easier to get the files from the FTB launcher. To access modpack server files from the game launcher:

  • Start the FTB launcher

  • Download the FTB modpack

  • Download the server files

You will need both the modpack and the server files downloaded to your computer to complete the next step. Make sure that you match the version of your modpack to the version of the server files. For example, if you are running a Direwolf20 v1.6 server, play with the v1.6 modpack of Direwolf20.

2. Access Your Server With FileZilla

Since your server is being hosted online, you will need to access the files remotely and upload the modpack to your server location. FileZilla Client is a program that allows users to access server files via File Transfer Protocol (abbreviated as FTP) and change them accordingly. This is the best way to access your server. Make sure to download FileZilla Client, not FileZilla Server:

  • Visit the FileZilla homepage

  • Download the FileZilla Client

  • Install the FileZilla Client

FileZilla Client is free to download and use, making it a simple solution to uploading your FTB server. The process of transferring files with FileZilla isn’t too complicated, and makes it easy to access your Minecraft server anytime and anywhere. For a visual understanding of FileZilla, check out our video on how to use it to access your Minecraft server files.

3. Upload Files to Your Server Location

With FileZilla, you can access your server at any time as long as you have your server’s IP address, your username and your password. All of this information can be found in the Multicraft Control Panel. Multicraft is used on most Minecraft servers to make accessing and modifying your server simple. To upload your FTB server files with FileZilla:

  • Start up FileZilla Client

  • Login to Multicraft

  • Find the server’s IP address

  • Enter username and password

  • Click on “connect”

You can either upload the FTB server files by browsing the files in the left window of FileZilla (on your computer), or by clicking and dragging the server files into the right window. From this point, you can either start a new world, or upload a specific world seed to play with your FTB modpack. Just copy the world files into the “save” folder of your FTB server files.

4. Rename the .JAR File and Restart

Within the Multicraft Control Panel on your Minecraft server’s homepage, there should be the option to rename the server’s .JAR file. The .JAR file is essentially what runs your Minecraft server. Depending on what modpack you are using, the file may have different names, such as FTBserver.JAR. To find your .JAR server file:

  • Open the server files folder

  • Locate the FTB .JAR file

  • Edit the .JAR file name in Multicraft

As long as the name of the .JAR file matches the name in the Multicraft Control Panel, your server will load up properly. There should be no need to physically rename the .JAR file yourself, and doing so could stop the server script from running correctly. Once you have matched up the file names, restart the server and prepare to play Feed the Beast!

How to Start a Personal Server

If you don’t want to pay to host your FTB server online, you can always run the server from your own computer. There are downsides to running a personal server; this option is more resource-intensive, and the computer needs to remain on to run the server. This isn’t ideal for people who play Minecraft with other players and want the server to be available 24/7.

Running your own server is done similarly to having a server hosted online: you need to download the FTB launcher, the FTB modpack, and the corresponding server files. However, you also need to create a folder to extract your server files into. You can learn more about running your own server in our blog posts about how to make a Minecraft server and how to setup a Bukkit Minecraft server.

Once everything is set up, a Feed the Beast server is fun to play both alone and with friends. With the right mods, you can become a powerful magician, an experienced engineer, an astronaut and so much more!

How to Fix Lag in Minecraft

No matter the game you’re playing, suffering from lag can utterly ruin your experience. The problem gets worse in multiplayer games as you can be the center of hate of players. Minecraft isn’t a stranger to these things; at least once, regular players have noticed a delay in the game’s response to their actions.

There are many factors why Minecraft lags, each of which has their own fixes. This general guide on reducing latency/lag lists the common causes and solutions that players can utilize.

Lag Jesus


Before we proceed to outside factors, let’s first check possible causes within your system.

Can you run Minecraft? In other words, does your system meet the minimum requirements to play the game? The game’s developer, Mojang, lists down the following components for an entry-level experience in Minecraft: (CPU) Intel Pentium 4 or AMD K7, (RAM) 2GB, (GPU) Intel GMA 950 with OpenGL 2.1 support, and (HDD) at least 100MB of free storage.

Even so, enjoyable in-game sessions can only be had when you at least conform to the recommended requirements. Recently released computers being sold these days should be capable of running Minecraft without noticeable lags. If unsure, try playing the free Minecraft demo first.

Are you using a recent version of Minecraft? Mojang recommends updating older versions to at least Release 1.6 or newer. Some newer versions may also introduce bugs that cause lags/delays, so it’s better to stay at a stable version, despite its lack of new features.

Are the video game settings optimized for your system? At the cost of graphics quality, certain options can be lowered or disabled to increase the game’s frame rate and eliminate lags. Here are what you must set for each option to increase PC performance:

  • Graphics: Fast
  • Smooth Lighting: Off
  • 3D Anaglyph: Off
  • Fullscreen: Off
  • Render Distance: Tiny/Short
  • Performance: Max FPS
  • Advanced OpenGL: Off
  • Use VSync: Off

You can also reduce the window size to prevent Minecraft from lagging. Of course, you can choose to balance performance and visual quality. Just lower the settings one at a time until you reach a playable frame rate without too much degradation in the graphics.

Do you have the right Java installed? Problems, lag spikes included, are known to occur if the installed Java isn’t the recommended version for your system. Find out what kind of operating system you have (32- or 64-bit) and download the correct Java version. Certain builds of Java 7 have also been found to cause issues. Also, only one Java must be installed in your computer!

You can manually direct your computer to allocate most of its resources into the game. To do this, open the Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DEL) and set the priority of javaw.exe to High.

Minecraft javaw.exe set priority

Is your computer clean of malware? Are you certain your Minecraft (legal or not) copy is not riddled with viruses, spyware, and other malicious programs? Always have an antivirus program up and running, and regularly perform system scans.

If you’re playing on Minecraft multiplayer mod, ask yourself this: is your network connection stable? A game as light as our favorite block-building sandbox game doesn’t really demand a fast Internet connection, as long as it’s consistent and has low latency (ergo, less lag). Besides a good choice of Internet service provider, find out if someone in your network (or any software in your computer) is hogging all the bandwidth. Don’t forget to check if any firewall is blocking any ports needed by Minecraft to communicate with multiplayer servers.

Furthermore, where is your Minecraft server located? Your ping increases when you’re geographically farther from the server’s physical location. For instance, a US-based player will only have negligible delays while playing on a US server, whereas a player India will notice significant lags. Are you hosting your own Minecraft server? Then you’ll want the best hosting provider with zero lag, 24/7 experience support, and 100-percent monitored servers. That’s us!

There are more methods on how to reduce lag in Minecraft:

  • The Minecraft mod called OptiFine HD introduces support for high-definition textures, as well as increasing frame rates and performance twofold.
  • Install 3rd party programs for optimizing the TCP, such as Leatrix Latency Fix.
  • Perform system maintenance–empty the Recycle Bin, defragment your drives, clean the hardware and remove dusts, etc.
  • If you replace your traditional hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid-state drive (SSD), it will considerably help improve your computer’s performance. One main reason to do this is because  of disk fragmentation. HDDs suffer from fragmentation that causes system slowdown. SSDs, however, still do have fragmentation with its data, but its negative effect on the computer is negligible.

This guide is intended for all versions of Minecraft. I’m aware there are certain issues that are isolated and possibly inherent to a specific version only. So if you’ve found another solution to a lag issue in a certain Minecraft version, let us know in the comments below!

How to use FTP to access your Minecraft Server Files

In this Video Tutorial & Written Tutorial, will quickly learn how to FTP to access your Minecraft Server Files at Host The Game. So, let’s dig in!

After you make a successful purchase with Host The Game, you’ll receive a bunch of emails from us out of which one of the email would contain credentials for you server Multicraft and FTP.

You can FTP in two ways, first via Multicraft and second by using any FTP client (Will use FileZilla in this tutorial)

Method #1

Paste the Multicraft URL which you’ve received in your in your browser and you’ll be on a welcome screen.

multicraft FTP


Now, enter the credentials (Username & Password ) of your Multicraft which you’ve received from us and your screen will look like this, then first Click on Files followed by FTP File Access

multicraft ftp


After Clicking on File Access, you will get on your FTP details page. Please ensure to copy your Host (IP address), Port number and username as you might require them incase if you’re planning to FTP using an FTP client, if not, then enter the password and click on Login

multicraft ftp

Once you’ve successfully logged in, all you gotta do is click on Click on Upload and you’ll be able to upload your files. P.S Multicraft has a restriction of 2MB per file. So it’s highly advised to use an FTP client.

multicraft ftp

That’s about it. Now will look at Method #2 that is using an FTP client to connect to your server.


Method #2

To begin with this tutorial, make sure you have FileZilla Client installed in your computer. If you don’t have FileZilla installed then please click the link below and download FileZilla Client for their website:

Once the installation is complete then proceed with rest of the tutorial.

Remember I asked you to copy your Username, Password, Host and Port number earlier, will need that to connect to your server using an FTP client, so make sure that the credentials are correct.

multicraft ftp

If you followed the guide correctly then you should be able to connect & upload everything via FTP to your minecraft server hosting with Host The Game.

That’s all we have for you in this tutorial. Please leave your comment and feedback regarding this tutorial and if you need me or my team to make any specific Minecraft tutorial for you.

How To Make A Minecraft Server

How To Make A Minecraft Server – Local Server Version

A local Minecraft server is one which is not hosted and played over the internet, but within a Local Area Network (LAN). It is ideal for playing with family at home, friends in the same locality or even colleagues at the place of work.

The very first step in setting your local Minecraft server is choosing the machine on which to host it. The server can be hosted on a dedicated machine or just one of the computers that is used for other normal functions, like your own personal computer.

After choosing the computer to host server on, ensure you have the latest java software installed on it. But this does not need to worry you much, anyway. During downloading and installation, you will be prompted to download the java, if it is not already installed.

With the preliminaries done, open the web browser on the machine intended to host the Minecraft and go to the Minecraft official website, which is

If you already do not have an account with Minecraft, go ahead and Signup. If you do have an account, just sign in.

how to download minecraft

Just below the BUY NOW! Link on the home page, is a download button. Click on the link and it will take you to the download page. Here you have several download options.

Among them is the download button for Minecraft for Windows. This is not what you are looking for, if you want to play with several people.  Therefore, you choose the Multiplayer version and click on the minecraft_server.1.7.2.exe file, if you are running on Windows. For other operating systems, read the wiki provided for guidance.

how to download minecraft server

Download and save the set up file on your desktop. Go ahead and create a folder for it that will hold all the files that the Minecraft will create during the installing process.

Click the set up files to run it for installation. This will take some time. When the process is over, your Minecraft server is set, safe for a few settings.

minecraft server

How To Make A Minecraft Server

Add yourself as a moderator and add others as moderators, if necessary. The server should always be running when needed for use. If you close it everyone is stopped from playing.

After the server is set, login through the Minecraft icon. Click on the Multiplayer icon. Under server address type ‘localhost’ or and click done.

With the server set, you will need to give those within your local area network the IP address of the server in order for them to join you for the game. This IP address is the same as the internal IP address of the computer on which the server is hosted.

minecraft server setup

 To get the IP address, go to start on the computer and type cmd, to go to command prompt. On the command prompt, type in IPconfig. Out of the data that is displayed, write down the IPv4……… address and share it to your friends. It is this address that they will use to access the Minecraft server on your computer.

The shortcoming of this server is that is available only as much as the main moderator allows it. This makes it unreliable to the other players. Moreover, the main moderator has advantage over other players since he or she can put favorable game settings for himself or herself.

However, the Minecraft local server provides a handy way of playing a Minecraft within a Local Area Network.

If you’re still having trouble with the settings then leave a comment and we would be happy to help you out.