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Best Minecraft Seeds

One of the best features of Minecraft is its inherent ability to create worlds that are each unique to every player. This is possible because of so-called Minecraft seeds—values used by the game’s algorithm to procedurally generate every game object.

Minecraft Seeds Overview

Because of procedural generation, what we see inside the world of Minecraft is created on the fly. The more we traverse in the game, the more of the environment is constructed on demand. The random Minecraft seed that’s used as basis guarantees that the arrangement of everything—from trees, cattles, and pigs to mountains, caves, and rivers—is unique.

Though Minecraft creates a new world by default with a randomly generated seed, players can choose to manually enter the values they want for the game to use. To do this, simply create a new world, click the More World Options… button, and enter a value in the Seed for the World Generator field. Input values can be a number (can be positive or negative) or a word/phrase (which the game automatically converts into a number).

Minecraft create new world more world options

This might seem obvious to some, but note that the seeds used for world generation is different from the in-game seeds, i.e. the ones used in farming.

Sharing a Minecraft Seed

If you’ve found yourself in a world with a great spawning location (e.g., a village is located nearby the spawning point or there’s a mountain in the vicinity that’s filled with precious minerals), you can share this particular world by sharing the seed used to generate it. To do so, first determine the value by entering the command /seed in the command window (which can be accessed by pressing T or the slash button in your keyboard).

Determining the seed is great for replay, meaning you want to start anew but still in the same environment. It’s also used for recommending players to enter the same world that you’ve enjoyed.

Will a single seed always give the same world?

On one hand, a single seed does indeed generate the same world no matter how many times you recreate such world. On the other hand, spawning locations are different and may mislead players into thinking there’s a difference.

It’s also worthy to note that world generation uses an algorithm that varies by platform (PC, Xbox, etc.) and Minecraft version. That said, the upcoming version 1.8 will introduce major changes that will also affect world generation. Whatever seed that spawns you near a village, for instance, gives a different world when you use it in other versions/platforms.

Best Minecraft Seeds

With every important thing explained above, let me show you some worlds with their accompanying seeds. I’m calling them the best for a variety of reasons, so keep reading to find out. Also note that these seeds have been tested in Minecraft 1.7.4.

Spawn near a mushroom biome

Seed: lost (or 3327780)

lost 3327780 mushroom

Mushroom islands, the natural habitat of the eponymous fungus and the cow-like mooshroom, are quite rare biomes in Minecraft. Luckily, this seed will have you spawn right next to one.

Spawn near a floating savannah

Seed: 1576541653

1576541653 floating savannah

If you’re one with a taste for great scenery, this seed will have you spawn at the edge of a forest. Adjacent to it is a desert with savannah islands floating on top of a mountain, which itself contains a crater at its peak that leads to a cavern.

Spawn near a mesa

Seed: numanumahey (or -1509103194)

numanumahey mesa biome

Like the mushroom biome, mesas are also rarely found in Minecraft. They are sought after for their abundance of yet another commodity that’s hard to obtain in the game: clay.

Spawn near a village

Seed: 4416117031893561940

4416117031893561940 village

Playing in Survival mode is a lot easier when there’s a nearby village with houses. There you can stay during the night to avoid the nocturnal baddies. It also has a farm for sustenance.

Spawn on a survival island

Seed: 93819220

93819220 survival island

If you want to play Minecraft with an added challenge, then try being stranded in a deserted island. With nothing but a few trees at its spawning area, this seed will really have you test your mettle.

Minecraft Seeds Pro

If you find my list above rather lacking or want to search for more interesting seeds, check out the Minecraft Seeds Pro app for the iOS platform. With over 7 million users/contributors, this app contains a vast library of seeds for all versions (of all platforms) of the game. From majestic landscapes to mineral-rich mines, the app has a complete collection.